Ceramic Protection

Protect your vehicle in Far North Queensland with Australia’s own NXTZEN Ceramic or Graphene coating that's been tested and proven to tackle our harsh climate!  Preserve your paint with the only CSIRO tested protection that’s made for our hot, humid, and extreme weather like no other ceramic coating.  Having protected over 3,000 vehicles in ceramic coatings, you can entrust your vehicle in FNQ’s most experienced hands.

Joe washing the back of a Tesla Model Y with a wash mitt.
Joe applying ceramic coating to a red vehicle.

What's Included?

Before having anyone touch your new or used vehicle, it’s important you know exactly what is being carried out.  It’s so important that the surface is thoroughly cleaned and polished prior to installing any ceramic or graphene coating to ensure long-lasting durability despite what others may say.  Having protected thousands of cars over 14 years, using various professional coatings, we know how important preparation truly is.

Full exterior wash

Decontaminate and clay paint

Bugs and bitumen splatter removed

Machine polish enhancement

Free wash pack

Why do we trust NXTZEN?

After more than 14-years experience, this is what we've found out about ceramic coatings...

Joe interviews NXTZEN's director

Ceramic VS Graphene Coatings

We understand that it can be very confusing to know what protective coating to choose for your vehicle – so we interviewed Joel, the director of NXTZEN Australia to ask him all the questions everyone is asking.  He explains the chemistry behind graphene and how it works whilst outlining what it’s like to manufacture protective coatings in Australia with CSIRO backing.  If you want some real information without the smoke and mirrors, check out this interview!

We know it’s important to be confident if what is being applied to your vehicle, so a reputable brand that has the independent backing such as from the CSIRO is the best form of reassurance you can get.  You can easily see that NXTZEN aren’t on the hype train that’s about to crash, they’ve invested so much in local production, test facilities and most importantly research and development for the Aussie climate.

Australian Made and Tested Graphene Ceramic Coating

CSIRO have conducted independent testing on our NXTZEN professional ceramic resin, to show materials performance in relation to the resistance of corrosive chemicals and pancreatin.


14-Years Experience

Sometimes you can’t put a price on experience when it comes to working on your pride and joy.

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