How To Choose The Best Car Detailing Shop

Joseph Nucifora
January 1, 2024

Keeping your vehicle looking good takes a lot of work, but you’ll realise that every ounce of effort you put in its upkeep pays off when its value doesn’t go down as fast as the ads say. By a lot of work we mean more than just a regular wash or occasional repairs. You need to have it detailed every once in a while to ensure that every nook and cranny is spick and span.

Regrettably, with so many car detailing shops on the Sunshine Coast, finding one that you can partner with for the entire lifespan of your vehicle may prove challenging. To help you in your search, check out these qualities and make sure the shop you will choose to patronise has them.

Wide-Ranging Services

Contrary to popular belief, car detailing isn’t the same across the board. Car detailing service packages vary from shop to shop, so it’s likely that some of the cleaning and polishing methods you want to be carried out on your vehicle may not be available at certain shops. Better find out a detailer’s approach and procedures before booking a service to make sure you’ll get the value for your money. Consider it a red flag if the detailer only offers regular detailing, which often does not include deep cleaning of the interior.

Scope of Service

Understandably, some types of vehicle require a special detailing process, which is why some detailing shops specialise in very specific types of vehicle. Other detailing shops, on the other hand, carry and promote certain vehicle brands. It’s best to choose a shop that details virtually all kinds and brands of vehicle, including high-end motorcycles.

Good Pricing

Car detailing is a top-dollar service, so be ready to fork out a generous amount. However, you should be able to tell whether or not the price is right for the offered service because you may be able to get it for a much lower price from a different shop. In most cases, a good car detailing shop also offers a variety of specials and that could significantly lower the price for both new and loyal customers. Some of these specials take up to 20 percent off the original price. Don’t get easily hooked by bargain deals though. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Fantastic Reviews

It pays to be a little over the top when it comes to finding a car detailing shop that can bring your vehicle to its unspoiled self. Finding out what people say about each car detailing shop you come across is an excellent way to know exactly what to expect when you finally get booked. Then again, stay away from reviews that are obviously made for promotion. Watch out for exaggerated, too flowery reviews because they are most likely from the shop owners themselves. Only trust testimonials from independent review sites. Customer forums are also a great place to gather reviews and other information about each of your prospects.

Different Types of Car Paint Protection

Usually, the final step in the car detailing process is the application of exterior paint protection. Most if not all car detailing shops have this in their service packages. The majority, however, only use traditional wax or spray on sealants as the final finish. Although effective in protecting automotive paint, it’s not as durable as higher quality paint protection products such as a ceramic and graphene coating or even paint protection film. Make certain that the car detailing shop you will take your vehicle to offers all of the available types of car paint protection so that you can have more options.

In the end, the success of a car detailing depends on the connection you will make with your car detailer. In most cases, those that have a good relationship with their car detailer, have partnered with them for many years, and tend to enjoy the amazing benefits of the service.