Is Paint Protection Worth It In Far North Queensland?

Joseph Nucifora
January 2, 2024

If you live in the north Queensland tropics like Innisfail, Tully or Cairns, you’ll know that the sun burns hotter, and the bugs are bigger!  When it comes to buying a new vehicle from the dealership, it’s important to know whether having ceramic protection applied to the paintwork is the best idea or, is it just a money grab?

Do your research
Like anything, it’s always best to do your own research about a product or service before just falling for the salesperson and their convincing pitch.  Don’t just read the brochure they show you, do some research online and speak to others who have protected their vehicle with a high-quality ceramic coating before.  Research the brand of ceramic coating being used as they aren’t all the same even if it’s ‘warranted’ for a lifetime - you still want to read between the lines and find out what other people in the industry think.

What will the Ceramic Coating do?
A professional detailing company will advise exactly what a ceramic coating will do and what you should expect from having it installed on your vehicle.  Don’t fall for the fancy videos and the big fancy lingo used, it can get really confusing and a lot of it means nothing in the real world.  Understanding what a ceramic or graphene coating can and won’t do is paramount for you to get the most out of your new vehicle, so be sure to ask the technician many questions so you are confident and satisfied with the service.  

Why choose NXTZEN Ceramic Coating’s in North Queensland?  
Having the best protection to match the climate and conditions your vehicle resides in is so important!  The continual bombardment of bugs and insects, the bitumen splatter from all those potholes on the highway and of course the harsh UV from our sun are just some of the forces a ceramic coating will need to face! Protecting your vehicle with the Australian made & tested NXTZEN range of Ceramic & Graphene coatings will ensure the most durable defensive layer compared to other mainstream brands.  NXTZEN have formulated their paint protection coatings to combat Australian conditions so can be confident that their product is perfect for your vehicle!

What will a NXTZEN Ceramic Coating do for my car?

A ceramic coating (no matter the brand) is not a bullet proof forcefield or thick layer of paint – in fact, it’s a super thin clear liquid that chemically reacts to the clear-coat on your vehicle before it is wiped off during the installation process.  It then provides an amazing sacrificial layer that is incredibly UV resistant, super hydrophobic (so it beads a lot), makes your vehicle more shiny and will be distinctly easier to clean.  When maintained correctly, the NXTZEN ceramic or graphene coating will help prevent bird & bat droppings from etching the paintwork, causing permanent damage!  Investing in protecting your vehicle with a NXTZEN ceramic coating in North QLD by Nucifora Car Care won’t just make your vehicle so much easier to keep clean, it will also help maintain maximum value for when you’re ready to upgrade!