Paint Protection Film (PPF) In Far North Queensland

Joseph Nucifora
January 17, 2024

Whether you’re driving from Cairns to Tully on the Bruce highway, cruising through Innisfail or even driving the Cape York tracks, scratches and chips in your paint are inevitable.  Your heart sinks when you come back to your vehicle only to find a trolly scuff along the side or when your ute suffers the consequences of driving up that narrow Cape York track.  So much heartache can be avoided when your vehicle is protected with paint protection film, also known as PPF or a car bra – the ultimate scratch & stone chip preventor!

What Is PPF?

Paint protection film is a plastic film that is precisely installed over your paint work which provides a near-invisible skin that can be easily removed after suffering from impact, scratches, and chips.  The film itself is far more durable than your vehicle’s paint, so what will normally chip the clear-coat, in many cases will hardly make an impression on the film itself.  The paint protection film looks great and standing back 1-2m, it is hardly recognizable on most coloured vehicles,      

How is Paint Protection Film installed?

At Nucifora Car Care, the film is installed in an enclosed studio that is temperature coloured to achieve the cleanest and most accurate fitment.  The vehicle’s surface, along with door jambs, panel surrounds (and pretty much all the nooks and crannies) have to be vigorously cleaned prior to installing the film.  The paint must be clay bared and decontaminated (even on a brand new vehicle) to ensure minimal debris under the film as it will be exaggerated under the film.  The PPF is then heavily lubricated and rolled onto the panel whilst using a squeegee to push out the ‘slip solution’ after precisely aligning the film and manipulating it to the curvature on the panel.  It’s not as easy as it looks!  

Why Should I Protect My Vehicle with BushWrapz PPF?

BushWrapz is a brand of PPF focused on Australia’s most common 4wd vehicles such as the LandCruiser (all variants), Ford Ranger, Nissan Patrol and even some Caravans.  The focus is protecting the most vulnerable surfaces on your vehicle that’s prone to being scratched when going off road or even when you’re cruising around town.  The BushWrapz paint protection film comes already templated to suit nearly all 4wd vehicles’ panel shapes so that it fits perfectly to suit your make and model.  These templates are practical, which makes it more affordable to have installed.  When the vulnerable paint is protected with PPF, it means you can do some serious wheeling, get a few scratches on the film but be rest assured that it hasn’t ruined your paint!  

How much does Paint protection film cost?  

Installing paint protection film is no easy task as it’s extremely delicate and easy to distort, tear and get dust underneath!  Pricing can range from $1000 all the way to $4000 to protect the vertical panels of your vehicle, such as the front guards, doors and tub sides or rear quarters.  It all comes to down the difficulty of installation, amount of film required and preparation.  If you’re wanting all the edges (where possible) to be wrapped, then this will add numerous hours and additional difficulty and costs to

How long will paint protection film last in North Queensland?

It’s no secret that many things suffer from our wet and humid weather in north Queensland, as it’s more severe than then the southern cities.  We go the extra mile by including a free ceramic coating layer over the paint protection film to add more UV resistance to increase its life longevity.  If your vehicle always stays outside in the hot weather, it will suffer from UV degradation however regular washing and storing undercover will prolong the life of your film, keeping your vehicle looking like new!